Buy Orange Wine Online

What You Need to Know to Buy Orange Wine Online

"Orange" wine is a style of winemaking that involves not filtering or fining of a wine.  So it is a more natural process of making wine, usually with pressed white grapes that is made by leaving the grapes in contact with the skin while the wine is fermenting. 

These wines are not to be confused with the town of Orange in NSW, or wines from the Orange region in NSW.

If you're trying to buy orange wine (the style of wine) online, you should make sure you understand the product you're considering and the elements that make it tasty. This guide to orange wine online can point you in the right direction.

What Is orange wine?

Also called amber wine, orange wine is a type of wine where the grape skins are not removed and they stay in contact with the wine for months while it is being made. This is why some people call orange wine, skin-contact white wine or skin-fermented white wine.

How does orange wine differ from red and white wine?

Although they can be made with red grapes, most white wines are made with green or white grapes, and similarly, while green grapes are always used to make orange wine online. However, with white wine, the skins are removed immediately, regardless of the color of the grape used.


In contrast, the skins stay on while making orange wine, and in this way, the creation process is similar to red wine. When making red wine, you also leave on the skin of the grapes to give the wine its color, flavours, and texture.

Which orange wine should you buy?

Before you buy orange wine online, you need to decide which type of orange wine you want. Like red and white wines, there is a wide spectrum of flavour options and preferences. If you've never had orange wine, you may want to take what you know about red and white wines and convert the information. For instance, if you like dry wine, look for a dry orange. If you prefer sweet dessert wines, look for something matching that.

Or, to really narrow down on the best flavours, book a wine tour at a vineyard and really explore some tasting options.