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Wine Tour Etiquette

What to wear on a wine tour in Orange.  Most wineries in the Orange wine region are casual dress.  Think casual, jeans or shorts and a nice shirt are totally acceptable.  As long as you are comfortable, sometimes Orange wine tours may take a little longer than planned, depending on how busy the cellar doors are.   A good tip is to dress in dark colours (the better to hide spills) and avoid dangling sleeves (so you don't cause spills).  
Another good idea is to dress in several layers.  Orange weather can turn cold or hot in the space of a few hours and having the option to remove or add a layer or two will make for a more comfortable winery tour and tasting experience in Orange.

Don’t wear fragrance.  Seems obvious, but overpowering scents can ruin the tasting experience for everyone at an Orange winery tasting experience.

Be open-minded:  A wine tasting experience is all about trying new wines and discovering a new favourite.  One of the benefits of going on an Orange wine tour is that you have a designated driver, which means you are able to taste and try new wines.

Go ahead and swallow.  There is no need to spit. It is all about education and discovery.  It is okay to drink a little and have a lot of fun on one of our Orange winery tours.

Don’t ask for the “good stuff.”  It is quite okay to inquire whether there are any older vintages or reserve wines open beyond the advertised flight.  Just realize that special requests should increase your pressure to purchase wine.  Remember to be patient and polite to staff at Orange wineries and cellar doors, they will do their utmost to serve you as best they can.
But don’t haggle.  Winemakers go to extraordinary lengths to produce the best possible wines under sometimes very difficult conditions.  It takes enormous effort, blood sweat and tears to make a handcrafted bottle of wine of Orange wine.  Remember this is not a used car dealership, so don’t haggle and expect extra deals. If you loved the wines and the winery (even the winery dog), join the wine club for discounts and special wine offers. 

Should I Buy Anything?  Buying a bottle is totally your choice.  If you find a wine you really like, you can buy a bottle to enjoy later at home. Wine also makes a wonderful present or souvenir. Many of the small Orange wineries don't work with distributors, so if you find wines that you like, you should purchase them from the tasting room because you are likely not find them in stores.

Remember, it is all about having fun on an Orange wine tour and discovering fabulous, good tasting wines from a winery in Orange.