10 Tips for the Cellar Door

How to be cool at a wine tasting

  • It’s not a bar. Customers are here to sample wine. Some people treat it as a bar and expect to drink for free.

  • Listen to staff.  Be polite when they explain the wine and listen when they go through a lot of technical details.

  • Don’t try the same wine excessively. Some people try a wine and expect a refill two or three times.

  • Try something new.  This is your time to experiment and broaden your wine horizons.

  • Don’t complain about the size of the tasting.  This is bad manners.

  • Don’t critique the wine.  Everyone has different tastes, please keep your negative opinions private or until you are alone with your companions.

  • Be considerate of others. Everyone is here to have a good time and try the wine. It’s not a social event.

  • Ask questions. Winemakers spend a lot of time producing the wines and put a lot of heart and soul into it. They love to talk about it.

  • You don’t have to make a purchase. You’re here to sample – if you like something make a purchase, but there’s no pressure.

  • Drink water.  Don’t be dumb, behave like a grownup - this is just smart.