Best Tasting Wine, Orange NSW

How to Find Best Tasting Wine

Trying to find good tasting wine can be challenging. If you're not sure what is good, you may be standing in the wine aisle, wondering what to do and just looking at the artwork on the labels  Luckily, you don't just have to grab a bottle and hope for the best. There are a few strategies you can use to narrow in on great tasting wine. Try these tips.

  1. Use a Wine App

You may want to try a wine app. Similar to the old fashioned guide books about wine, these apps contain reviews and recommendations. With many apps, you can just scan the wine in the store and instantly see information about it.

2.Find a Wine Tasting and Dinner Near Me

An app can give you information about other people's experiences with a particular wine, but it can never replace the experience of actually tasting a wine. To taste a few wines, try to find a wine tasting and dinner near me. Then, you get to try the wine and also learn which foods taste good with it.

3.  Book a Trip to a Vineyard

You can also find good tasting wine by going to a vineyard. On a vineyard tour, you may get to see where the wine is grown, and you get a first-hand look at the production process. Even if you don't get to take off your shoes and smash grapes barefoot, you still get to enjoy a close experience with the wine process that you can't get anywhere else.

Ultimately, with wine, you just need to try it.  If you like the wine you are tasting, buy a bottle or two.  Then, as you get to know more about what flavours and grapes you like, you can start to make educated guesses based on the details on the bottles and your experiences of previous wine tastings.  Another good tip is to keep an tasting journal and make notes.


Before you know it, you will have a good sense of your favourite wines, and you'll easily be able to walk into a wine store and confidently pick a great option.